Pink Birthdays

Ten short days after Cora was born Marla had a birthday. We were all too tired for a proper party but did manage to have some cake and sing. We’ll do it right next year, when we have fewer distractions!

Marla and the kids all went to Emma’s dance class on Friday. All of the others mothers were crowding around trying to take a peek at Cora while she snoozed in the car seat. There were a few who claimed to have never seen a tiny baby like her since their children were all full term and 8+ pounds.

There are also some shots of Cora doing her cute baby thing in this set of photos. It’s hard to see just how tiny she is in most pictures, since she fills the whole frame, but there are a few in here where you can see my hand in the shot, too.

She is still a tiny thing, despite the fact that she’s gained over a pound and a half and grown nearly two inches since she came home.

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