Little Ballerina

Emma has been taking dance for a little over six months now and had her first recital back in June. It was a tap-dancing, tendu-ing festival to behold. Luckily, Geek Dad was there with both still and video camera in hand!

Despite a few complaints about it being “too hard” or her not liking dance because she has to “get sweaty” Emma has stuck it out and is doing quite well. Truth be told, I think the pink tutu and pink shoes really are what has kept her going.

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3 thoughts on “Little Ballerina

  1. Yeah, for the first song she was in the back row. The second one (Happy Feet) she’s right up front. The teacher did a decent job shuffling them around so they were in front and on either side for different the different songs.

    Also, I shake my first at the website! I had a witty, long post all written up and then it ate it during publishing. Grrr… This was all I could muster afterwards.

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