Hospital Extras

Despite being a month early, Cora spent just two days in the hospital and we were home by Tuesday. Emma and Henry enjoyed their two days of visits with their new sister and Marla basked in the extra attention the nurses gave her.

The beginning of this set are a few more choice shots from Sunday, shortly after Cora was born. In my haste to get the word out digitally I skipped over the first look at her eyes as well as the contented smile on both Cora and Marla’s face when Cora first rested on Mommy’s chest.

Emma and Henry stayed with friends again on Sunday night (thank you Alan and Jennifer!) so I returned and slept once more on the oh-so-comfortable fold-out chair in the room. I joked with the nurses that I’d slept on the dirt on Friday night at The Great Rancho Camp Out and that the hard ground was preferable to the chair. When i returned to the hospital there was the wonderful sight of Marla and Cora snoozing away with each other.

Henry and Emma visited with Cora on Monday afternoon, pausing long enough to pose for their first family portrait. It’s a keeper, I think.

I returned home with them on Monday night, stuffing them full of dessert and giving Marla one last night of peace in the hospital before returning to the real world on Tuesday…

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