Cora’s First Week at Home

I’m afraid to think this, let alone type it, but Cora is an absolute angel.

I know. I’ve just doomed us, but it had to be said.

Emma was a mild baby. She had trouble getting to sleep but, other than that, she was what the Baby Whisperer called a Textbook Baby. Very predictable, very easy to calm and soothe. Totally by the book. She was a blessing of a first child.

Henry on the other hand… He was the opposite in every way. I think he screamed and cried for seven months before he settled down. (He still screams, by the way.)

After being home just a week Cora, on the other hand, appears to be a most mild mannered baby, always agreeable and rarely cross. She makes a few cries when she wakes up but they’re more along the lines of, “Hey, guys! I’m awake!” than “Brwaaaaaaahhhh! Feeeeeeed meeeeee! Feeeeeeeed meeeeee!’

It’s such a relief after Henry. Let’s hope it isn’t short lived.

Most of the first week Cora has spent sleeping. As I joked about Henry, Cora wasn’t “done” yet,and still needed some time to cook. Now that a week has passed, she’s starting to perk up a bit and stay awake a little after eating.

I, of course, have taken this opportunity to thrust my camera in her face.

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