I Am Girl

I’ve seen the future and, for a soft-hearted father, it is bleak.

Witness my two girls in these photographs, both smiling sweetly. I can forsee the day when they will melt my heart with these smiles and get whatever they desire. Emma, for instance, used her girly charms to obtain a new pair of “fancy high heels” while shoe shopping this weekend.

Do you see? Not only was I conned into going shoe shopping, but I was also convinced by a six-year old that she needed black satin heels.

And Cora, a mere four months old in these pictures, already has a bit of cunning hidden in her grin. Today she grins and poops on me… Tomorrow? She’ll grin and take my keys.

I also want to call special attention to the awesome picture Marla took of all three kids together lying on the bed. They were all giggling and getting into the act – Cora included. The outcome was excellent to come home to!

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