Where Daddy Met Mommy

I met the love of my life in Bagley Hall at the University of Washington. I literally picked her out as soon as I took my seat in class as the girl I would pursue at my new school in my new town. I was surprised, later, to find her on my bus back to Woodinville (the beloved 522). It must have been fate.

As it turned out, I would spend significant time both in that building as well as with the girl.

I hadn’t been back to campus in many, many years and wanted to show the kids where Daddy met Mommy.

If you haven’t been the UW campus is absolutely gorgeous. From the very traditional gothic-style buildings with cherry trees to the very modern Red Square with the Broken Obelisk.

We started with a picnic on Red Square, looking out at the Suzzallo Library, which rivals any church in Europe, in my mind, for beauty. From there we wandered up to the Quad to play in the cherry trees and then finally ended up at the famed Bagley Hall. The kids were in rare photographic form and I think some of these, especially the shots of Emma and Henry on the Suzzallo steps, are among my favorites from recent memory.

We stopped in to see if any of our old professors (Jim Mayer was my advisor and was kind enough to include me on three papers) were around before heading to meet an old college friend that now works in the hospital. A late lunch at the Auga Verde Cafe & Paddle Club with Dave was a perfect end to a great day of exploring.

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