Harding Hustle 2011

I had so much fun volunteering last year at the Twin Peaks 50/50, handing out water to amazing athletes at the top of Saddleback Mountain, that when Dirty Feet Productions came calling for the Harding Hustle, I had to answer.

The Hustle had both a 30K and 50K course, with nearly 6000 feet of elevation gain as the runners raced up and then back down the Harding Truck Trail. Check out the video by “The Running Fat Guy” who ran it in 2010.

My collection of photos from the 2011 race are below.

9 thoughts on “Harding Hustle 2011

    • Diana, you should be able to right click on a picture and choose “save as…” or “save target as…” I’m also happy to e-mail you the original sized photos if you want a giant one you can print. Just let me know which number is yours.

      • Thanks Todd, so much… you did a great job capturing the essence of the race! Such great shots, how fun! I tried to click on the pics but it’s not letting me save for some reason. I am bib# 70 pictures 37 and 38. I’m in the blue skirt and green top. :O) Thanks again!

  1. Love, love the photos of my husband Jeff! Like Diana, the website will not let me save a full-sized photo, only the thumbnail. Would you mind email me the original photos via email? Thanks so much…he’s bib number 8.

  2. Todd,
    Your photos are amazing! Fantastic shots capturing both the athlete and the terrain. I’m in awe! Can I have #’s 39, 40, 293 & 295? That would be awesome. I’ve always wanted a few good trail race shots. Your’s are great! Thanks!

    • David, I’ve been moving the past few days so pardon the tardy reply. Let me know your bib number and I’ll e-mail you the photos. It may take me a few days – my desktop is buried under 100 boxes :)

      • Hi Todd! Thanks again. My bib no. at Harding was #46. The pics I was in and interested in having were 39, 40, 293 & 295 as you had them numbered. Great photos my friend. Well done. Hopefully I’ll see more of you at Twin Peaks in October.

  3. Hi Todd,

    A late request, but I am bib #130 (images 167 and 178) from the 30K Harding Hustle. Can you email me a copy of the original sized photos? I would gladly pay you for the photos as well (they are awesome!). Please let me know. Thank you in advance, and great photos were made of everyone!

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