Camp Pendleton Mud Run Race Report

My first “mud run” was a great! The Camp Pendleton Mud Run course was a little longer than the advertised 10K but I could have cared less. Scrambling up muddy hills and sloshing through the mud pits was a blast!

The first 1/4 mile had me dodging Marines with fire hoses before making my way onto a loose, sandy trail. The next mile was flat and easy. The herd stopped when we crossed our first stream – apparently people were afraid of getting a little dirty. I exited the stream wet to my knees and shoes filled with sand.

At mile 2 the course became a fire road and started a gradual climb, gaining almost 400 feet. Marines with Super Soakers awaited us at the top. After cresting the hill you give back all 400 feet with a steep downhill section in the next 1/2 mile.

At the bottom of the hill, 4.5 miles in, we crossed the stream again and turned towards the first first real obstacles. First a 40′ mud pit with a 5′ fence in the middle. A short way from the pit was a reservoir, with neck-deep water. I alternated swimming and jogging until we emerged on the other side. Two more mud pits and and 2.5′ tunnel greeted us after the swim.

At mile 6 was a steep, mud-slicked hill. A happy Marine was at the top, hose in hand, soaking the whole hill down. A few people ate it on the way up but luckily I managed to keep my footing.

Just before the finish line was another mud pit, this time with flags draped over the top. The only way through was on hands and knees. I emerged dripping mud but totally happy with the finish line just ahead of me.

Can’t wait for the next one!

3 thoughts on “Camp Pendleton Mud Run Race Report

  1. Todd, you’ve found your calling. You look so comfortable & happy scaling over fences, running and sloshing in the muck and mud and achieving the finish. You’d have been one heck of a gung-ho Marine. It must have been a great day for those Marines watching all those volunteers enjoying their mucky obstacle course.

    I’m impressed!

  2. You said it better than I could and you are correct, I clocked it at 6.70 miles. Doesn’t sound like much extra but when your “done” a half a mile is alot. I run CP 3 times a year, twice in June and once in Oct. Once you run this rack your hooked.
    I only wish I could scale the wall as good as you do, I now need help from a marine, as I am over 50, but going strong. Judgeing from below, I will probably “see” you at the OC Marathon, and you should do Long Beach in Oct.
    My next race is the OC 1st Annual Mud run next month.

    PS where did you get the good photos at the wall. Did you purchase them off a site for figure a way to get them without the proof on it.

    I found mine but they are soooo expensive, so I had to passs.

    Good Luck in your upcoming races.

  3. Luck of the draw, I was looking through the pictures and I am in the background of your shot. The CP Mud Run is the only true Mud Run. No Marines, No Mud Run!!

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