Cora Dances to the Music

A few weeks ago Emma and Henry cajoled us into buying musical birthday cards. Now, it wasn’t anyone’s birthday but they loved the music. Seeing them sing and dance in the Hallmark store made it nearly impossible to resist.

Cora, of course, wanted to get in on the action. What we saw evolve over the next few weeks was her clear preference for one song versus another.

The first contender: “Move It” by from the Black Eyed Peas. He discovered this song through repeated viewings of Madagascar 2 with the grandparents. Fun for the whole family.

The second contender: “Best of Both Worlds” by Hannah Montana. Emma has said on many occasions that she didn’t “get” Hannah Montana. Several of her friends adore her “music” but Emma didn’t see the appeal. “Maybe when I’m sixteen I’ll like her,” is Emma’s usual line.

Now, given the two contenders which song do you think Cora prefers? I submit the following video as evidence.

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