This Week in Northcutt: Episode 1

I’m sitting in the Oakland Airport right now waiting on a flight to CES. (See all of IGN’s CES coverage here.) It’s quiet, unstructured moments like this that I really like to poke through the site and look back on fun and family… only for 2012 there’s not much to see. I did a terrible job keeping things up to date and it makes an otherwise exciting and eventful year look dull.

I made a silent resolution to address this for 2013. I guess I’ll make it public now and debut This Week in Northcutt. My goal is to publish at least 7 photos, one for each day of the week, on a weekly basis. This week you’ll see sleepy Northcutts, slices of Cub Scout activities, some stay-cation tourism and our shiny new front door.

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