| 06.25.2004 | 28 miles to disneyland

Turns out we are a scant 28 miles from Disneyland. We splurged and got an annual pass for the entire family. Our last two weekends, therefore, have been spent with Mickey and the gang. We went in the evening on June 13 and then Emma and Marla took me for Father's Day the following Sunday morning.

Emma's favorite ride by far is Autopia, which she calls "bumper cars." So far she's always the driver, which is a nice change of pace for Daddy who generally acts as chauffeur.

P.S. I have no idea who these people are in the teacups at night but I really liked the pictures so I put them up anyway.

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| 06.18.2004 | emma rides her bike

We've had this little bike for almost a year now, after picking it up at a yard sale just up the street. It hung in the garage next to Daddy's bike all this time and Emma would often steal a glance at it as we were coming and going through the garage.

She finally started asking to ride it a few weeks ago, so we took it down and prepared for the worst. (I have vivid memories of my brother smashing his two front teeth when we were kids riding down my grandfather's steep hill and driveway.)

Of course, all the worrying was for naught and Emma has had a fantastic time with the bike, riding it nearly every day since.

She has so much fun, in fact, that she doesn't want to leave it and you have to drag her screaming and kicking back into the house.

Also take special note of the super-cute pig tail pictures. I'm especially proud of them as Daddy put them in all by himself with no prompting from Mommy or Emma.

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| 06.13.2004 | mother's day at the lagoon

May absolutely flew by! (I suppose spending a week in Sweden can do that to you.) It's hard to believe that June is nearly half-way done. But it is, and it's time to make sure that the month is properly recorded in the photo history book.

Two new galleries today. The first is collection of random "Emma at play" shots from the beginning part of the month. I know that I'm probably going to cause her some kind of psychological grief one day by posting this picture, but it'll be worth it.

We spent Mother's day this year swimming at The Lagoon in Rancho Santa Margarita. Emma is just in love with the water. She loves it so much that Marla has signed us up for swimming lessons! We'll start in July on the weekends.

Despite it being Mother's Day, Daddy ended up in the water and in most all of the pictures instead of Mommy. I'm not quite sure how that happened but Marla seemed to enjoy herself, so I guess the trip was a success!

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| 06.10.2004 | the daddy-daughter dance

The Mom's Club here in RSM was putting on a Daddy-Daughter Dance for the end of April. It was to be a "formal" for daddy's and their little girls at the clubhouse at the Lagoon.

Marla signed us up, of course, since Emma loves to dance. They bought a new dress especially for the occassion and for weeks Emma was abuzz about the dance. She could hardly wait, squealing and wriggling with delight every time we talked about it.

Sadly, not enough signed up to hold the dance.

We did the next best thing: We had our OWN Daddy-Daughter Dance at home and followed it with dinner at the "faaah-nsee rester-ought".

Emma was a doll in her dress and an absolute lady at the restraunt. a favorite of ours called Tutto Fresco Trattoria. We even managed to snap a nice family portrait before we headed off to bed.

A good time was definitely had by all.

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| 06.08.2004 | sweden wrap up, meeting sam

I finished putting up my photos from the trip to Gothenburg. These are all from our last full day in Sweden. We had finished our work and were free to explore.

We took a ferry ride from Saltholmen to the island of Brännö and had a great hike across the island.

I really loved the rural feel of the island. I think I could get into the whole "island living" thing they had going on. The pace of life seemed so much slower. (I'd probably end up stir crazy after a few days, though, honestly.)

We ended up getting drenched in a cold rain just before returning to the mainland. The sunset afterwards, though, made up for any discomfort.

I also found time to put up a few shots from a short trip we took at the end of April to visit with the Madigans. It was our first chance to meet Sam. She was a doll and Emma immediately fell in love.

I think this visit was the start of Emma's fascination with babys. Now whenever we see a baby - whether it be someone we know or a complete stranger - Emma heads towards them and says, "Want to kiss the baby!"

Can you blame her? Who among us, really, doesn't want to kiss the baby?

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