when henry met grandpaw

My dad, AKA Grandpaw, was in town just after Christmas on business. Despite being over 50 miles away in glorious Rancho Cucamonga he struggled through LA traffic to meet his second grandchild. (Well, Riverside traffic, anyway, which can be worse.)

He joined us for some dinner and, of course, lots of hugs and kisses. Emma introduced him to Noodlebug (Baby Einstein is so 2002) and they shared a lemon bar.

Grandma and Grandpa Mandel are headed down to meet Henry next week. I know they’re excited. We’ve been looking at pictures of them meeting Emma a good bit.

Emma has been asking to look at pictures of herself when she was a baby while Henry’s eating. It’s pretty darn cute. “I want to see when Emma was a baby! I want to see Mommy feed Emma with a bottle. Oh, no! You’re crying!

Lastly, I hate to admit it, but, yes, I am playing Grand Theft Auto with my son in my arms.

One thought on “when henry met grandpaw

  1. Love the one of Emma, Grandpaw and Henry! The announcement ship is great. Doesn’t look like Daddy’s video requires as much energy as Emma’s!

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