Swimmer, Swimmer, Chicken Dinner

As we gear up for Swim Team 2010 I thought we’d share more photos from Emma’s swim career last year. This set is from a meet at our “home” pool on Arroyo Vista, with announcer duties performed by the highly popular Mr. Henry, a teacher at Emma’s school.

This was the first meet where the girls swam in a relay. You can see some a series of shots of Emma talking with her friend Eden, then cheering as Eden goes in the pool and finally taking her leg at the end. Exciting stuff!

Granpa Northcutt was also in attendance, so you’ll find photos of him playing with Cora and Henry as we waited for Emma’s heats. It’s hard for me to look at Cora now and marvel, nearly a year later, at how much she’s changed. Walking, talking and certainly much more svelte!

We finished the day off with one of my favorite activities: a nap! Emma is always reluctant to slow down, close her eyes and sleep (Hrm, I wonder where she gets that from?) but after a hard meet she had little choice. Henry and Granpa, on the other hand, tackled nap time with the appropriate gusto.

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