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A sign of things returning to normality: the slip-cover is back on the couch. I’ll let Marla explain this in more detail, but suffice it to say that Henry has largely given up his nightly wailing fits and settled into a regular sleep routine while Emma is retuning – slowly – to her non-terrible self. (She certainly still has her moments.)

It’s always a treat for me to check out the pictures taken on Marla’s camera. I’m rarely around when they’re taken or else I’m asleep and not aware they’re being taken!

This batch stretches back to early February and goes through this past weekend. You can see a lot of change in Henry. Look at how scrawny he was in those first few pictures!

You can tell that Emma dotes on him. Lots of cute shots of the two of them interacting with one another.

Pardon the “poop” picture, but it was too impressive not to share (and I was too lazy to delete the slideshow and start over). Those pants ended up in the garbage. They were too far gone. (My game name was “p00p ExpLOSiaN” in Henry’s honor for the week.)

You’ll notice a few shots with heads chopped off and obviously shot from a low angle. Emma is on her way to mastering Marla’s camera. She can review pictures all by herself and just started snapping pictures last week. Daddy is so proud to have a budding shutterbug! She can’t quite lift my camera yet, but I’m looking forward to giving it to her and buying myself another one ;)

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  1. Henry sure is growing fast. You can tell his little face is filling out just like Miss Bailey. What cuties, both Emma and Henry. It looks like Emma is a WONDERFUL big sister. I think she is ready to fix Henry’s hair up.

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