emma sings, henry smiles

It’s a two for Tuesday! (Yeah, I know it is Monday.)

I’m just about to run out the door and head to E3, the giaganto trade show held each year in Los Angeles where all of the various game publishers show of their upcoming wares. I’ll be stuck in LA all week long suffering from sensory overload.

But you, dear reader, will be able to ooh and ahh at the gorgeous pictures of Sir Henry and his sister Miss Emma.

In the first gallery you can see Emma entertaining us all with a gorgeous rendition of “Baby You Belong” by Faith Hill. She can really belt it out and hams it up the more you smile and laugh.

“Baaaaaby you belong. Ooooh, baaaaaaaby you belong. To. Meeeeeeeee.”

The second group of shots starts with dear Henry showing off his gorgeous smile. He, too, can really ham it up when he gets tickled.

He grins just like his Mommy in case you never noticed. Try comparing some of the pictures and see if you agree!

We had a great visit last week with Grandma and Grandpa Mandel down from Seattle. They enjoyed themselves and, I think, were really surprised to see how much Henry had grown in just a few short months.

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