did you miss me?

Did you miss me? C’mon now… I know what you really missed were the pictures of our two gorgeous children.

Henry’s starting to get much more control over his arms, neck and legs. You can see him just kind of staring at the toys around the ExerSaucer in this set but he’s now reaching out and eating everything in site. “Droolbug” is his new nickname. Can teeth be far away?

Emma is really into dress-up these days. She recieved a gorgeous princess outfit – complete with princess cell phone – from cousins Mary, Maggie, Rusty and Ben and has paraded around in it for days. (No really, paraded is exactly the word to describe it.)

She’s getting Henry into the dress-up act, too, with both of them donning sunglasses for some fun. (ee Henry doing his Ray Charles impression and Emma trying hard to look like an Agent from The Matrix.

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