halloween 2005

Halloween 2005 has been a much different experience than any other Halloween to date.

If you recall last year, Emma visitied four houses and then had reached her limit. This year Quackin’ Duck couldn’t get enough and we visited nearly every home in our neighborhood that had decorations inviting us to their door.

She was on fire and filled with purpose. Emma lead me around, choosing which house to visit next. She waddled down the sidewalk to each house’s front door without even looking to see if I was following.

“Oh, they have a pumpkin. They’re home, they have treats!”

“There’s no car in their driveway… they must not be home.”

“Trick or treat! Oh, you have a doggy! That’s a silly doggy!”

“Thank you! Bye-bye! Have a good dinner!”

At last, once we’d comleted the circle and it was nearly time to come home I had to exert some Super Daddy Powers and convince her that she could trick-or-treat at our house and show Mommy all of her candy. The ruse worked and we made it home and hour and 22 houses later with a giant punkin’ full of candy.

3 Halloweens Collage

Once home, it was Henry’s turn to enjoy Halloween. Truth be told, I think he’s just as happy with the wrapper as with candy itself. Oh, to be 10 months old and completely satisfied by the simplest of things!

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