Salzburg, Austria

The final stop on my short European jaunt was to Salzburg, Austria. I was unsure what to expect, with my only real exposure to Austria being from The Sound of Music.

After spending a couple of days there let me tell you that Austria in general, and Salzburg in particular, are among the places I definitely want to visit should I go back. (Recall that I returned from my trip with clothes for my own little Austrians.)

The scenery was spectacular, bumping up against the Alps to the north and turning into deep green hills in the south. The people were very friendly, the food was fantastic and the architecture was old but well maintained.

The hotel we stayed in, The Goldener Hirsch, is slap in the middle of the old town center and was established as a hotel in 1407. It blew my mind that the place I was staying had been in continuous operation as a hotel before North America was even discovered.

Unfortunately the weather was rainy while we were there so photo ops were few and far between. The night shots from above the city are some of my favorites.

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