Day 6: Hapuna Beach

I woke us up at the crack of dawn today for our whale watching tour. We awoke at 5:30 for the hour-long drive to the dock… only to arrive and learn that our tour was scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) and not today (Wednesday.) How I messed up I’m not sure – I even called and confirmed the tour time and date over the weekend!

Thus, we ended up driving north to Hapuna Beach. Hapuna is apparently regularly voted best beach in the entire nation and is usually jam-packed with tourists.

I suppose the fact that we arrived at 7:30 AM, just after the gates opened, helped us avoid the crowd.

The beach was pretty and the sand was very soft and very fine. It was excellent for frollicking in the shallow water, making sand castles and also for hiding in the cracks of childrens’ bottoms. I still think we’ll be washing sand out next month.

We headed back home around 10 AM, hoping for a relaxing brunch. Apparently, though, no one eats breakfast in Hawaii. We drove around in Kailua-Kona, a huge tourist destination, for half-an-hour and were unable to find anything open.

We ended up at Denny’s. I was thoroughly disgusted with myself for having gone there during our “escape” from the real world, but such is life.

After a few hours of napping back at Ono Mango we hit Ke’ei Beach again and ended the day on an up note.