Fiddle Me This

Our kids have proven to have quite the musical ear. Whether it’s Emma singing or Henry playing back-up singer we’ve tried to encourage them to sing, dance and clap with the music.

So, on a whim I bought Emma a $15 violin fiddle (Emma prefers fiddle to violin) off of eBay. She was ecstatic, to say the least, and spent the rest of the night (and into the next week) “playing” the fiddle. It kinda sounds like someone it torturing a small animal but she performs with such joy that you can’t help but enjoy it.

We’ve also been attending the Family Musical Mornings at the Pacific Symphony in Orange County for the past few months.

Each week there’s a short program that teaches the kids a little bit about music, gets them involved in a “play” and gives them the chance to play a few instruments.

Both Emma and Henry have been a little shy when it comes the group participation. It’s a little hard to believe that they could be shy given how they love to perform for anyone who will listen.

One thought on “Fiddle Me This

  1. Look at all I was doing wrong: no bow hold, no ROSIN OR SHOULDER REST, playing that far over the fingerboard??!!

    I am glad that I no longer sound like I’m torturing a small animal.

    I am also glad that I am on concertmaster.

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