The Melting Pot for Birthdays

I just realized earlier today that I’d forgotten to post any pictures from my birthday dinner at The Melting Pot. My father was in town for my birthday, just after I’d returned from Japan, and the whole clan went out for a fancy fondue dinner at the new Melting Pot in San Clemente.

I’ve always been a big fan of fondue, though I can’t explain why. It had been many years since I’d been to a Melting Pot and I’d talked about it several times with Marla so I was excited to go.

I was a little skeptical about taking the kids to a restaurant where you cooked your food in boiling oil or broth right at the table. That just seems like an invitation for disaster, don’t you think?

Emma and Henry behaved nicely, however, and really enjoyed themselves… Enjoyed themselves even more so when the chocolate fondue came out for desert!

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