Flower Fields

While Marla’s parents were in town we took a trek down to The Flower Fields to view the last of the ranunculus flowers for the season. We arrived just in time: it was the last day of the year to view them.

There was no vomiting on the way down this year, thank goodness, and the weather was gorgeous. George and Estelle had through by Carlsbad years ago, when George was stationed in San Diego in the Navy but hadn’t visited the flowers.

After posing for many pictures among the flowers we took a stroll through the outlet shops and picked up some flashing firetruck shoes for Henry and some hot pink and lime green tennis shoes for Emma. Score!

One thought on “Flower Fields

  1. Hi,

    I`m Betsy Dunsmore Barnett from Philipsburg, Pa. My husband, Ron Barnett and I graduated from high school with Emma and Henry`s grandfather, George.

    We talked with him on the phone last night and he kindly shared your family site with us. It was so nice for us to have the chance to see his family.

    The children are beautiful and I can see why he speaks so proudly of them.

    Many thanks,
    Ron and Betsy

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