I Love My Scooter

We’ve spent the past several weeks slowly getting the house back in order after finishing the big kitchen remodel. You’ll have to wait for the “after” pictures, though, until some new furniture we ordered arrives.

In the meantime we’re long overdue for some pictures of the kids in action. How long overdue? Well… let’s just say that some of these pictures date back to May. If you’ve seen Emma and Henry recently then you’d likely notice the change. Thery’re growing that fast.

This set has them acting cute together, as usual, and also is the first glimpse of Henry riding his new scooter. He’d outgrown the 3-wheeled scooter and was starting to toodle around on Emma’s pink scooter. Sharing, of course, will never do.

He was a champ within just a few days of moving to two wheels. Fast forward to the present and just three months later, my heart is constantly in my throat as he comes barrelling down the hill with one leg sticking out in the air and a huge grin on his face.

Now I understand exactly how my parents felt and I’d like to apologize!

One thought on “I Love My Scooter

  1. Great photos of the kids! Someday they will really appreciate these photos. I remember being a kid in my single digits, and looking through the photo albums my mom put together of me and my brothers. It always made me feel really special! I even think that some of my so-called “memories” of childhood, were really based on those photos. Haha!

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