The Philosopher’s Walk, Part I

I spent another week in Japan in early August. We had several full days of meetings planned with Nintendo but managed to break it up so that we had time to escape from the busy city streets and catch a few more places than we had been able to visit during our first trip.

For those contemplating a trip to Japan let me share this advice with you: do not visit in August! I grew up in Atlanta, home to regular 95 degree days with 95% humidity and that is nothing compared to Kyoto in the summer. We returned from our walks quite literally dripping in sweat.

ANYWAY, the first morning we were in Kyoto we wandered the Philosopher’s Walk, a ~ mile long path on the eastern side of the city. The trail skirts the hills giving a nice view of the city below and has a shrine or temple nearly every 500 feet. For visitors in spring the Philosopher’s Walk is lined by cherry trees, which should be a treat when in bloom.

There are many more gorgeous photos of the Philosopher’s Walk, currently draped in snow during November, on this site.

In this set you’ll find photos of unnamed temple, Konchi-in and Nanzen-ji. The aqueduct behind Nanzen-ji was quite a surprise find, as was the little crab wandering across the road.

Look for another set of photos soon showing Ooto-yo, Honen-in and the famous Ginkaku-ji (Silver Temple).

3 thoughts on “The Philosopher’s Walk, Part I

  1. Thanks! Yes, avoid in the summer. My other visits were in February and December. It was cold then. Definitely a place you go to in the spring (cherry blossoms) or fall (colors.)

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