Henry And The Tractor

If there’s one thing Henry loves it must be cars.

If there are two things Henry love they are cars and tractors. He was in luck, then, on this last visit to the farm where he was able to ride both on Granpa’s tractor and do a little digging on the backhoe.

He awoke from his nap on the way back from visiting the buffalo restored and ready to rock. He climbed all over the big John Deere while Dad and I worked to get the battery charged on “The Digger.” You’ve never seen a happier child.

We finally got everything started and warmed up and Henry and I took a ride through the pasture. (OK, now maybe you’ve seen a happier child!) He sat on my lap as we alternately plodded and raced across the field, bouncing along and grinning from ear to ear. He pretended to steer and “switched to the rabbit” to bump us into a higher gear and gain more speed.

After riding along with me for a bit we parked the tractor and Henry and Granpa climbed aboard “The Digger.” Warmed up from the tractor ride Henry was ready to dig up a few stumps. He sat, quiet in concentration, on Dad’s lap and soaked in everything.

After knocking down one stump he’d had enough, proclaiming that “The Digger” was too loud.

He climbed down from the backhoe and I do believe he looked a little manly knowing that he would be able to cross “Operate heavy construction equipment” off of his List of Manly Things To Do in Life.

Before we left for the day he was able to cross off one more: “Pee in the woods.”

It’s amazing what makes a father proud, isn’t it?

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