Dear Mitt Romney, Eat It.

Tomorrow is “Super Tuesday” and millions of Americans will be going to the polls. I should be excited about it. I’ve been following the presidential primary race for many, many months now with great interest.

Some events left me shocked, like the Democratic primary where I found myself agreeing with Dennis Kucinich all evening. Some events left me puzzled. How on Earth could anyone elect Mike Gravel to any office, let alone the presidency? Still, others left me slightly sad, like seeing Bill Richardson bow out with such low numbers.

Like I said, I should be excited about the primary tomorrow. But I’m not. In fact, I’m ready for it to be over. Why?

In large part so that annoying jackass Mitt Romney will stop calling my house every 4 hours with a canned phone message.

I ranted about phone messages in a 2006 post about elections and this year has to be the worst. All of the other candidates have honored our “do not call” preference except Romney.

Go away, sir. Go away. Take your dirty phone calls and your pandering elsewhere.

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