The Tooth Is Loose

We had a surprise visitor to the house a few days ago… the tooth fairy!

After a few weeks of wiggling, Emma has lost her first tooth. She went to bed on Friday and we were certain it would be coming out the next day. As it turned out she lay in bed and played with the tooth just after we turned the lights out until it finally came free.

She bounded down stairs moments later as excited as could be, holding the tooth in her hand and jumping around giggling. The tooth looked so tiny in her hands! After a little settling down she went back to bed.

The next night we put the tooth in a little jewelry box on a soft pillow and she anxiously awaited the tooth fairy’s visit that night. Emma was pleasantly surprised the next morning with “a beautiful gold coin.” (That’s a Sacagawea dollar to you and I.)

On Monday she got to put her name on the “Lost A Tooth” board at school which, of course, she was especially proud of. Tooth number two, also on the bottom, is already starting to loosen so she may just get two entries this month.

PS – After typing in the title for this post, “The Tooth is Loose” I could not get that old Starburst commercial out of my head. “The juice, the juice, the juice is loose!” Gaaah! I hope to have now infected you, too.

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