Moving Out, Moving In

We are now officially residents of San Rafael in Marin County. Orange County, in general, and Rancho Santa Margarita, in particular, treated us well. Just as work brought us to California from snowy Rochester in the first place so, too, has work brought us north. We’re excited about our new chapter and looking forward to new adventures.

We have landed in the Terra Linda neighborhood in San Rafael, land of many “Eichler’s”. Several thousand of these iconic Mid-Century modern homes were built from the late 50’s to the early 70’s in both Northern and Southern California. The blurring of inside and outside is awesome. We’ve had the doors open and migrated from yard to house to atrium pretty freely over the past few days. The kids, especially, are loving having a yard. They’ve fallen into bed exhausted from playing every night. Tonight they even asked if they could go to bed!

As you can see, we’re neck deep in boxes at present, so brevity is of necessity. As we get more settled I’ll do a proper post capturing the move and documenting our new home!

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