And Then There Were Engles

Within just a few weeks of moving into our new digs we’ve had not one, but two sets of visitors. And none of them relatives, either! In the entire 12 years we lived in Orange County we didn’t have a single non-familial visitor. Perhaps San Francisco is a much better draw than the warm, sandy beaches of OC?

Our first friends to visit were old school GameSpy folks (and newly christened Coachella friends). We met them in S.F. for a lovely dinner at Restaurant LuLu. (See my Yelp review.) It was a bit pricey but awesome food and awesome company made it well worth it.

Our second set of visitors were our fine friends The Engles. They were making a tour through northern California and spending time with friends throughout the region – which now includes us! We had an awesome time with 10 folks living in our house for several days and a few trips into the city to do touristy things. We can’t wait until the next visit!

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