Summer Explosion

Summer seemed to go by in no time this year. Part of it was occupied with moving and the remainder was getting settled and establishing new routines and learning our way around.

In this collection of some summer-time photos you’ll find the following:

  • Emma and Henry beguiled by a praying mantis that stuck around the yard for a few days.
  • A mysterious pink flower with an odd brownish stem that seems to grow wild in the open space behind the house.
  • Orchids and figs discovered at the farmers market.
  • The family of wild quail that flittered through the yard each day.
  • Marla’s first sourdough boules made from home-grown starter.
  • Blueberry pie to finish off the summer.

You’ll doubtless read more about Marla’s adventures as a baker and the travails of growing your own starter with wild yeast in a post in the near future…

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