Royals vs. Rockies

Henry’s second t-ball game looked like it was going to be a win. This, of course, is tough to do in a league where you don’t keep score. The opposing team hadn’t shown up for the game so after 15 minutes of waiting the coaches declared a “forfeit” and launched into practice mode.

The kids batted around a few times, giving everyone an opportunity to work on their “fielding.” And by “fielding” I mean shoving one another out of the way as they all scrambled to get the ball.

Henry, despite being the youngest and shortest on the team, went head-to-head with Jack, the oldest and tallest on the team, for every ball hit. You can just make out him telling the older boy not to hog the ball.

The Rockies finally showed up a half hour late and the two teams squared off. After a fun three innings both teams were declared the winner and the kids happily ran to their benches for juice boxes which are the whole reason for playing the game in the first place.

One thought on “Royals vs. Rockies

  1. It is amazing how much in LOVE I am with this boy! Your pictures convey everything that astonishes and pleases me everyday.

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