Henry Owen: T-ball Super Star

With much excitement Henry donned his Kansas City Royal cap and joined his t-ball team on the field. There opponents were the dreaded Marlins.

Rumor had it they had a 6 year old on their team. Can you believe it? The nerve…

His palms grew sweaty and his heart pounded as he strode onto the field. The bases were loaded and the game was on the line. The whole team was counting on him.

He stood beside home plate and studied at the Marlin fielders one by one. The first baseman locked eyes with him. Henry stared at him, unblinking, unflinching. The first baseman snapped first and had to look away.

“Sucker,” Henry thought to himself as he knocked the dirt off of his shoes with his bat.

Coach called for time and strode out onto the field.

“Henry,” he said. “It’s all on you, son. Show ’em how it’s done!”

“No problem, coach,” Henry said as he spit into the dirt.

Well, there was one problem, he thought to himself, as coach slapped him on the helmet. “This helmet is WAY too big and I can’t even see the ball!”

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