Vacation Begins

At the end of 2010 we took a jaunt to Georgia to spend the holidays with my family. Before we could go, though, we had to give Henry his birthday present: a brand new guitar!

The present almost didn’t happen. It wasn’t until I was at Guitar Center, the night before we were going to give him the gift, that I had a sudden realization: Henry is left handed! It came up quite by accident, as I was talking to the salesman about how easy it would be to just watch, since our hands would be mirror images… oops. Luckily the tech was able to flip the bridge and restring in a matter of minutes. Crisis averted.

Henry’s long pretended to play, generally using his seat belt in the car to strum along with songs. Now he’s got a real guitar of his own.

The rest of this set are from our trip to Atlanta and the first few days in Marietta, with the kids helping Granpa and Granma trim the tree and “direct” putting up the lights outside.

Next up: the holiday itself!

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