fun in the sandbox

A few weeks ago we went to the Rodenbaugh’s for a cookout on Dipper’s fancy new grill (a Father’s Day present).

He was mighty proud of his grill but his daughter, Shayna, was even more proud of her brand spankin’ new sandbox. She and Emma played and played… and then played some more. The light was just right and I took gobs of pictures – are you surprised?

Emma couldn’t stop talking about the sandbox for days afterwards, so we ended up buying her one of her own. It’s now the focal point of our patio and Emma never grows tired of playing in it. If only all toys could be this captivating!

I also slapped together a few more IR photos taken out behind the GameSpy on Skypark Circle. I was kind of bummed with the brownish sky that the Hoya R72 was producing when color balanced so I went crazy with Photoshop this time.

Lastly, today is the 35th anniversary of the moon landing. I heard a great story on NPR this morning about the near disaster during the first landing. The landing site was strewn with boulders and Armstrong took manual control of the Eagle to steer it to safer ground. They landed with approximately 16 seconds of fuel left. Listen to the full audio feed – it’s good stuff.

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