I Ate It In Japan, Part 2

I had a few more Japanese delicacies on my last trip Japan that I wanted to make sure and capture. Kyoto was fairly sedate, with another trip for kushiage being the highlight. I think I’m growing fond of shrimp heads, honestly.

We arrived in Tokyo a few days later and I was ready to try something new. The first night in Tokyo was late and we had few choices and ended up at Oto, right near the Hilton in Shinjuku. I started with a glowfly squid salad (also available as a USB drive), had yellowtail collar for a main course and then finished it up with warm tofu. The tofu was supposedly a special and to die for but, in fact, was terrible.

Little did we know that the next night would find us dining at Oto again. This time, however, we weren’t retarded Americans but rather then honored guests of the fine folks at Square Enix. We They ordered from a special multi-course menu that included – get this – an all-you-can-drink menu. Disaster ensued.

On our final night in Shinjuku, after a very awkward meeting with Koei, we celebrated in style at the “all chicken parts” restaurant I had visited before. We ate from head to tail, including delicacies such as chicken ovaries and raw brains. De. Lici. Ous.

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