Paris In 30 Hours

Following my stay in Cologne I had a very quick 30 hour stay in Paris, France. We arrived via train at sunset and had an early morning meeting the next day with a publisher. I then ran (literally) around the city snapping photos until it was time to leave that evening and head back home.

I stayed at the Hotel du Lovre, just across the street from the museum. Our arrival at sunset made for some incredible photo opportunities as I wandered around the Place du Carrousel. I probably took too many pictures of the “minor” Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel (who knew there were so many Arcs in Paris?) but the sun setting behind the soldiers on top of the Arc was awesome indeed.

Since my sleep schedule was severely messed up at this point, I also took a number of night shots (Thank, insomnia!) Louvre/Pyramid and a number of unidentified churches. I’d love some help ID’ing them, if any Parisians ever happen to read this… Église Saint-Eustache, a gothic marvel built in the 1550’s, was another drive by attraction. Much as with the Kölner Dom in Cologne, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being in something out of Lord of the Rings.

Marla had always sung the praises of France in general, and Paris in particular, but I was reluctant to believe her. After a frantic visit here I’m inclined to say she is right and I look forward to, one day, going back at a more relaxed pace.

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