Mozart by a Nose

Henry’s award winning performance of Mozart by a Nose at the 2012 Marin County Fair.

Mozart by a Nose

Mozart and Haydn were once at a party
when Mozart said, “Franz I have written a piece.
“I’m sure it’s too hard for you,” but Haydn answered,
“Whatever you’ve written, I’ll play it with ease!”

Well, Haydn began and his fingers were flying
until he arrived at the end of the piece,
where both hands were out at the ends of the keyboard
and there was one middle note he couldn’t reach.

“This piece is impossible!” Haydn said loudly.
“I’ve only ten fingers as everyone knows!”
But Mozart just smiled as he played the same passage
and leaned down to play the last note with his nose!

2 thoughts on “Mozart by a Nose

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  2. Henry,
    We enjoyed your performance. It was a very good and we are sure you will remember it. Your hours of practice paid off quite nicely. It was fun to watch you in action on the stage. Congratulations!

    Grandpa & Grandma Mandel

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