Yasaka Shrine

One easy way to pack in some sight seeing on a short trip is to make sure and visit things at night. Big attractions are often well-lit and offer some interesting photo opportunities. I put this tactic to good use during my short trip in Kyoto by visiting the Yasaka Shrine at night.

Yasaka Shrine is the site of an 1100 year old festival held every July, celebrating the end of an epidemic in 869. It is also apparently one of the more popular places to count down the New Year.

My friend Dan had been on a previous night and suggested we swing by on our way back from dinner. He swore that it was just around every turn. I have to admit that I didn’t mind being lost. I got a great “door at night” shot as well as the spooky-looking all black temple. (Wish it were more in focus. What you going to do with a second long exposure hand-held?)

We finally arrived at Yasaka Shrine at around 9:30 PM, when very few other people out and about. Despite the late hour the lanterns on the stage were still lit and I took several of my favorite photos of the entire trip.

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