Happy Birthday, Emma!

Emma turned 5 today but the celebration began yesterday. While I was in the air, journeying back from Jolly Olde England (more on that later) Marla and the kids packed up for a pre-birthday celebration at Disneyland.

While at Disneyland they attended the Princess Fantasy Faire. Here Emma got to meet real princesses and had her face painted. She was, as you can see, overjoyed by the event!

Today, her real birthday, she announced that she didn’t feel 5 yet. That didn’t stop her from enjoying her new bicycle, though. She proudly rode her new, pink Hello Kitty bicycle all around the lake and put the bell too good use.

“You do the bell and the horn when you want people to get out of your way.”

Not sure how the “slow” people in front of her felt about the chirping bell but Emma put it to good use.

We ended the day with a birthday dinner at Claim Jumper. Emma’s friend Alicia joined us. Though the dinner was nothing special (Emma ordered pizza… again) they did bring an ice cream cake for the kids to share. Sticky fingers and faces soon followed.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Emma!

  1. I envy Emma for meeting real princesses on her birthday. Only few kids get to enjoy such event and Emma is lucky to experience this.

    See how happy she looks while having her picture with another kid.

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