Time for a Princess Party

Last year Emma had a race car party because, you know, every sweet four year-old girl loves cars, right? This year she opted for more traditional girly-fare and had a princess party.

So, on the day of the grand event, several dozen kids arrived fully decked out in various princess outfits. I was surprised that nearly every girl had an outfit for the occasion. (Nice work, Walt!) We had many Cinderella’s, a few Belle’s and the odd Snow White or two. Even the boys got in on the act, making themselves knight outfits and painting cardboard swords during the party.

She received too many presents, as usual. Our house overflowed with boxes and grand new toys. Her favorite, though, was still her new Hello Kitty bicycle. Can’t beat the power of the Kitty!

The party ended with a piñata, as is the custom in Southern California. The kids took turns bashing happy Disney princesses with a stick until they gave up their hidden loot. Once the candy was out a mob of chiffon and lace descended on the candy. No injuries were reported.

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