Buttermilk Biscuits

My favorite food in the world are Marla’s buttermilk biscuits. They’re flakey, buttery and gosh-darn good. To make excellent biscuits you must use soft, winter wheat flower. The lower protein and gluten content makes for softer, flakier biscuits. We like White Lily, which we import from afar. (We’ll do a “macrotastic” set of Marla baking them one day.)

As a responsible father it seems only right that I introduce my children as early as possible to life’s delights. Based on Cora’s reaction to Marla’s biscuits I’ve done my job quite well.

Sadly, she seems to enjoy video games just as much.

After all of the eating it was time to go on a rock hunt in O’Neill Park right across the street. Emma and Henry took along buckets and we wandered the trails looking for unique rocks and generally enjoying the sights.

One additional comment. These photos are from March – five months ago. Cora is coming up on her first birthday. It’s hard to imagine that she looked like this just a few short months ago!

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