Born to Swim

Emma joined the Rancho Santa Margarita Dolphins swim team this year and took to the water like, well, a dolphin. She practiced multiple times per week focusing on the 25 m freestyle and 25 m backstroke. Despite being the shortest person on the team she wasn’t (always) the slowest. By the time for the first meet her body was tan and her stroke smooth.

The first meet was held in Mission Viejo at the home pool of the Mission Viejo Nadadores, a well-respected swimming club in Orange County. Swimmers from their program have won over 20 Olympic medals.

Emma competed in both the 25 m backstroke and 25 m freestyle and did a great job. She and her friend Eden giggled excited and cheered their teammates on from the bleachers. Henry and Cora got into the fun, too, jumping and shrieking during the 45 seconds each of Emma’s heats lasted.

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