That Was Thanksgiving

Last year we took a thousand-mile-journey to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. (This year we stayed home.) The weather was colder than California, for sure, but the atmosphere was warmer with aunts, uncles and cousins galore. I have great memories growing up of 20+ person Thanksgiving meals – with both sets of families on the same day.

We were invariably seated at the Kids Table and were always eager to graduate up to the “real” Thanksgiving table. While my brother was stuck at the Kids Table once again (Ha, ha!) I was able to sit at the main table last year. Turns out, it’s not much different than the other table. Oh, well. Live and learn!

In retrospect, of course, this Thanksgiving was special because it was the last for my great aunt, Ruth Peeples. Aunt Ruth was always a highlight of any visit to Toccoa, even more so once we moved away to California. The house was always filled with laughter and, more often than not, creamed corn or biscuits. Time spent on the family farm, where buffalo now roam, is a treasured memory.

One other treasure from this Thanksgiving was my cousin Laura introducing Aunt Ruth to the wonders of Auto-Tune via the I Am T-Pain app for the iPhone. The glories never cease…

Jesus Loves The Little Children (m4a)
Jesus Loves The Little Children (wav)

4 thoughts on “That Was Thanksgiving

  1. Todd and Marla-Bette sent me your site to look at and I told Uncle Forrest about the Thanksgiving pictures with Aunt Ruth.If you can,he would like to see the pictures but doesn’t have a computer so he will need copies if that’s doable. Hope the family had a nice Thanksgiving and hope your trip to Ga. for Christmas is a safe one.Love,BB

  2. Thanks for the memories of fun times. We were so happy to share Thanksgiving with you all. Please send access to pictures to my email listed above. Hope to see you over Christmas! You have such a beautiful family.

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