We Gots Us Some Cabinets

Hallelujah! While having walls was nice and all, having cabinets is even better. I returned home last week after a quick jaunt to Cary, NC to find that our formerly barren kitchen now had a full suite of beautiful cabinets installed and ready to be trimmed.

We’d picked Dynasty cabinets by Omega. (They’re owned by my brother’s company, MasterBrand.) I was very picky about construction quality, given that most of our beef with the old cabinets was shoddy materials. All wood boxes, dovetailed drawers and other little features made me happy.

Another big goal was maximizing usable space given the small footprint. As you can see from the pictures the previously dead corners in the kitchen are now fully usable with cool corner cabinets with full lazy susans. No more crawling inside the cabinetry to get to a distant pot.

We also opted to go for heavy-duty full extension trays in most places instead of deep drawers. It should be easier to stack items and pull them out to reach this way. There are some built-in vertical slots for storing sheet pans and cutting boards above the refrigerator and a nifty little pull out thingy next to the dishwasher.

We’re still a week or so away from having a counter top but this is progress! Marla and I can’t wait to start reorganizing our stuff in a few more weeks.

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