Cars Again

We spent the afternoon and evening in Hollywood, enjoying Cars 2 at the El Capitan Theater. This was our third trip to the historic El Capitan. The first was to see the original Cars, when Emma was an only child. We saw Oceans last year, with a full contingent of children. Oceans, sadly, didn’t get the full feature treatment of organ and curtain light show. Cars 2, though, was a full-blown event. Following the movie (great for kids, so-so for adults) there was a mini-theme park set up behind the theater that entertained us for a good long while.

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california international auto show

california international auto show

Early in October Granpa Northcutt paid a visit while on a business trip and took sweet Emma to the California International Auto Show in Anaheim.

Now, I know it may seem odd to take a 3 year old to a car show but if you know Emma – and I think you do – you’ll realize that the only thing she would possibly love more is a duck exhibition.

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