henry’s first tooth

Henry has his first tooth! It’s a little out of focus in the picture below, but you should be able to make it out.

We spotted it under the gum a few weeks ago and early last week it finally broke through. Grandpa Mandel won a fabulous prize (a batch of delicious cookies from Marla) for guessing Henry’s big news first. They’re on the way, Grandpa… promise! (Well, “on the way” as soon as Marla makes them!)

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first doughnut

Is a first doughnut a momentus occassion, like a first step or first word?

I’m not entirely sure, but the pictures are sure as cute as can be! Grandpa Northcutt had the great idea for a chocolate-covered doughnut on a lazy, uh, Tuesday morning and Emma certainly wasn’t going to disagree! She attacked the doughnut with gusto and downed it with a frosty glass of chocolate milk.

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