| 07.13.2003 | Flowers and Such

I posted a number of pictures I've taken recently of flowers, tomatoes and other things. I had a pretty good time trying to take pictures of the 4th of July fireworks. The few I captured were, I think, from Dana Point. I believe that's where the Arroyo Trabuco trail ends.

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| | Last of the 4th

Pictures of Emma from the last half of the 4th of July weekend are now up. She had a blast and played a good bit outside, including her first time playing in the dirt! Dirt is fun! For those who care, I solved my MT problems (see last entry) by just rewriting my own stylesheet from scratch :) I hope to have MT-powered photo galleries after our vacation in a few more weeks!

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| 07.08.2003 | MT Styles

Working on getting the photo galleries using Movable Type rather than just me doing them by hand. Becoming lazy? Yeah, a little. I'd like to automate archiving, take advantage of comments, use some of the ratings plugins I've seen, etc.

They style sheets, however, are killing me. KILLING ME! I will now weep silently as I have learned that my once powerful CSS/XHTML skills are now feeble and withered.

Editing them in this stupid text entry box doesn't help. I also need to stop using CTRL-INS and SHIFT-INS for copy/paste. Apparently only old retards do this any more - that must be why Microsoft, Logitech and others are changing the layout of their keyboards. Bah, humbug!

Hey, look. This guy, Ryan Lowe, had some of the same problems/complaints as me. I guess I'm maybe not so stupid as I thought.

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| 07.06.2003 | Galleries Organized

The photo gallery index for Emma was growing unwieldy. 22k of HTML and another ~ 250k in thumbnails. Sloooow looaaaading. I'm now posting in reverse chronological order on the main page and have broken everything up by month in an index. If you want everthing in full glory the master is still around.

In addition to monkeying around with archiving, I put up a few pictures from the first half of the long holiday weekend. Enjoy!

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| 07.05.2003 | First ratings

Hooray! I got my first ratings over at photo.net - without even requesting a critique. My "Post With Barbed Wire at Sunset" didn't get high marks, but that's OK with me. As long as they're not bad! :)

I've been reading this site for ages, since late 1996 when I bought my first SLR after reading Philip Greenspun's buying guide. (Hey, look! Everybody is blogging.)

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