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We've entered 2006 wet and soggy so we're stuck in the house with nary to entertain us but the largest haul in Northcutt Christmas history. (Look for pictures of our excess later in the week!) While the kiddies nap I thought I'd offer these two sets of cute pictures to grandparents itching to hug their grandbabies.

First up is a set of Emma and Henry on the playground. Marla took these in early December and how she managed to snap pictures while pushing two children still puzzles me. At any rate, you can see that they were both enjoying themselves.

Henry is, indeed, face down in the sand in the last one. Marla remarked the other day that this was further proof that a second child gets to try all sorts of things you'd never allow the first to do. Add to that list: climb the stairs, eat food from the floor and play with rabid dogs.

The last few are some from early November. The Mom's Club took a tour of the local Krispy Kreme and a good time was had by all. Henry also tried his hand at ironing. (Oh, add "play with hot iron" to the list of things the second child can do.) He wasn't too bad for someone who could barely stand without support.

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